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Mobile & Wall Mounted Delivery Systems

Mobile & Wall Mounted Delivery Systems   Application: Mobile & wall mounted chemical and solvent distribution systems. Chemical compatibility: Acids, Bases & Caustics models MDU-E1 & -E2. Solvents, models MDU-E2&E3. Materials of construction: MDU-E1, Polypropylene cabinet with clear PVC doors. MDU-E2 & E3, Stainless steel with reinforced glass window. Built to SEMI S2 & S8…
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Chemical Systems

Chemical Delivery Low cost delivery solutions FM 4910/polypropylene/stainless steel cabinet Single pump/filter or redundant pump/dual filter options Air operated pumps or magnetically coupled electric pumps available All PFA/PTFE wetted materials of construction Pump/filter DI water flush, N2 purge PLC/HMI or Relay Logic control Mobile model is portable – can be located close to process tools…
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Wet Benches

Wet Benches for Chemical Processing FM 4910, stainless steel or polypropylene materials of construction Size customized to meet space requirements Process tanks configurable for required process – rotation, heated, ambient, recirculated, static Rinse tanks configurable for required process – heated, quick dump, cascade, spray Automated or manual operation PLC/robotics Adjustable sash Options include auto-spiking of…
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