Municipal Water Treatment

Chlorine dioxide has a number of important advantages over traditional chlorination of municipal water supplies. ClO2 does not react with organics in the water to form THM’s which are regulated as a known cause of many forms of cancer. As a strong and selective biocide, approved by the EPA for potable water, ClO2 is an excellent treatment option for both well and surface water sources. Effective at treating iron, manganese, and H2S, to name a few, as well as its ability to remove biofilm in distribution systems, ClO2 is an ideal solution.

Supporting our broad line of generation equipment is an expert staff:

  • engineers,
  • chemists,
  • Consultants

Are always ready to assist you and/or your existing water treatment partner in planning, implementing, and supporting a safe and reliable solution to meet your needs for the life of your equipment. As a fully integrated supplier, Custom Fab Solutions can supply your pre-cursor chemical and maintenance and repair needs giving you a single source for all of your disinfection solutions.

  • High biocide properties at low dose levels
  • Removes and prevents biofilm formation in distribution networks
  • Eliminates harmful waterborne pathogens (legionella, crypto, giardia, listeria, staph, protozoa, etc.)
  • Does not form THM’s like other disinfection methods
  • Removes iron and manganese
  • Controls taste and odors
  • pH neutral solution negates the need for other adjusting chemicals
  • Does not lead to formation of bromate ion