electropolishing, cleaning and passivation

Electropolishing & Passivation

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Electropolishing & Passivation

Surface Treatments

We can treat metal surfaces to customer-specific specifications through chemical treatments, electropolishing or coatings.

  • Our specialized tooling and in-house fixturing provides fast turnaround.
  • Our large-capacity equipment can handle challenging parts.
  • Our processes are precise and monitored from start to finish.

Cleaning/ Passivation/ Electro-polishing:

Passivation and electropolishing processes provide excellent corrosion control and creates non-contaminating and non- particulating surfaces for a variety of components and machined parts. All finishing operations conform to ASTM standards. Processes are controlled and monitored to assure exacting performance.


  • Powder coat
  • Epoxy coat
  • Hard coat
  • Anodize
  • Chromate