Water Treatment Applications

Chloride Dioxide Systems

Food Industry
Food manufacturers, processors and cultivators rely on ClO2 to decontaminate and sterilize several products. Vegetables, Fruits, Fish and Poultry

Beverage Industry
The beverage industry relies heavily on chlorine dioxide for a number of treatment applications approved by the EPA. Brewery’s and Winery’s etc.

TES Systems
ClO2 provides a number of advantages for operators of cooling towers, Boiler Systems and closed chill loops.

Legionella is a naturally occurring bacteria that may be present in virtually any environment and water source. Hospitals, Schools and Long-Term Care Facilities.

Odor Control
Rendering plants and additional manufacturing facilities depend on effective odor control with ClO2.

Municipal Water
Chlorine dioxide benefits in treating well water, surface water supplies in addition to distribution systems.

Waste Water
Chlorine dioxide aids in operative treatment and reprocessing of waste water since water is becoming scarcer.

Oil and Gas Industry
The oil and gas industry relies on ClO2 for a number of water treatments in the oil and gas fields, Flowback water, down hole Fracing.