Chlorine Dioxide in the Food Industry

Chlorine Dioxide in the Food Industry

The food industry relies heavily on chlorine dioxide for a number of treatment applications. Approved by the EPA for potable water applications and the FDA for use as a disinfectant in the processing of foods and beverages, ClO2 is the perfect solution to many of the problems beverage companies encounter in their use of water.

The unique properties of chlorine dioxide, that enable it to be extremely effective without affecting taste are just a couple reasons that chlorine dioxide is the preferred choice for multiple applications in the food processing industry. CFS makes ClO2 an even better choice with their E-Chem series generators. CFS E-Chem technology that utilizes a single, non-hazardous pre-cursor to deliver a 99.8% pure, pH neutral solution with no reaction by-products passed through to your water systems.

All of our generators have multiple safety interlocks that make them easy and safe for employees to operate. With experienced, expert engineers, chemists, and technicians, CFS stands ready to assist you and/or your existing water treatment partner in every aspect of the evaluation, design, implementation, and long-term support of your custom chlorine dioxide solutions.

Some of the applications we’ve successfully used chlorine dioxide in the food industry are listed below:

  • Disinfectant sprays
  • Packaging and container disinfection
  • A-septic filter disinfection
  • Piping disinfection
  • Carcass wash
  • Clean in place applications (CIP)
  • Treatment of water source
  • Flume disinfection
  • Foam Applications