Contract Manufacturing and Metal Fabrication 


How We Work

When clients walk through our door for contract manufacturing and metal fabrication projects, we think of them as fellow employees, rather than visitors. As such, under strict confidentiality guidelines, we allow people access to our design, manufacturing, and quality groups, resources that customarily would be withheld by most companies. This allows us to work as a homogenous team to produce a new product of superior design and quality, within budget and delivered on-time.

Build To Order or Design/Build

Custom Fab Solutions is a high purity contract manufacturer and fabricator of components, subsystems and equipment. CFS has over 45 years of experience in mechanical/electrical assembly, metal and plastic machining and specialty welding. We have extensive engineering and design capabilities that can provide primary or supplemental product development expertise to our clients. These capabilities position CFS as a qualified source for prototyping or mass-producing components, subassemblies and equipment for your contract manufacturing and metal fabrication projects.

Contract Manufacturing Processes

  • Design and R&D Support – Engineering, Solidworks ™ 3D CAD, prototyping
  • Procurement of Materials – supply chain management
  • Fabrication – cabinets, metal and plastic components, subassemblies, equipment.
  • Assembly - controlled environment & Class 6 (1000) clean room assembly/test available
  • Build to specification – document and work instruction control
  • Control Systems – PLC/HMI, relay logic, pneumatic, robotic motion
  • Functional Testing – high purity clean dry air, DI water, vacuum, high voltage power
  • Quality Assurance – ISO 9001:2015
  • Branding – custom labeling and documentation
  • Packaging/Shipment – domestic/international experience, blind shipping
  • Documentation – customized QC, build and test validation, O&M Manuals