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CFS Expands Electropolishing Offering to Additional Markets

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MINNEAPOLIS, May 7, 2020 – Custom Fab Solutions (CFS) spent the last 20 years providing electropolishing services to the industrial manufacturing industry. Now, new industries – food and beverage, medical device and aerospace – can obtain the same offerings and benefits. A free trial is also offered to any new customer.

“We’ve partnered with CFS for over 20 years to refine our stainless steel electropolishing and cleaning processes for improved quality, service and cost that makes a difference to daily operations, product output and, most importantly, our customers,” said Doug Brown, Production Manager, GAMMA VACUUM. “The CFS team is committed to always finding a way to meet our needs – no matter the lead time, materials or specifications. This level of dedication and ease of the relationship makes them a key partner for our team.”

Electropolishing is a critical process that improves the finish and performance of parts and prolongs the part lifecycle – all in one end-to-end procedure. The free trial consists of information gathering on a new customer, part shipment to the CFS manufacturing facility and inspection by the customer once the part is returned with no costs associated.

“The partnership with GAMMA VACUUM is the cornerstone of our electropolishing services, along with a finite group of existing customers,” said Kent Herbst, President, CFS. “Given the successes and lessons learned, our new customers will see an offering that has been internally honed for years before releasing to the varied trade communities.”

For more company information, visit customfabsolutions.com.

About Custom Fab Solutions: Custom Fab Solutions is a metal and plastic fabrication, finishing and contract manufacturer offering end-to-end custom solutions 100% fit for customers worldwide. The company’s combined 100+ years of system design experience provides technical expertise that delivers every time, with up to 50% shorter lead times on custom jobs. Headquartered in Chanhassen, Minnesota with nearly 40,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space. Custom Fab Solutions is a division of Apollo Technology Group. Learn more about how the company is creating solutions fit for a purpose. www.customfabsolutions.com .

 electropolishing, cleaning and passivationelectropolishing, cleaning and passivation

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